Consigning With Us

Consignment is by appointment. Call to schedule your appointment today! We will consign up to 20 items per visit.

Sweet Potato Pie understands, first hand, how hard it can be to find quality children’s clothing at a reasonable price!  Buying and trading clothes on consignment is an easy, affordable, “green” way to outfit your little one without breaking the bank.  We offer new and gently loved children’s clothing, toys, books and baby gear.

Click here to view our Consignment Contract (.pdf format)

Local Crafters

We are always interested in supporting our local crafters and artists in selling their unique, handmade items complimentary to our store.  Click here for our Handmade Items Consignment Contract!

Consignment Terms and Conditions

  1. Consignment of Inventory. All articles MUST be in excellent condition. Clothing, blankets and shoes must be in season, in current style, freshly laundered, pressed and free from stains, rips, etc. and will be accepted at the discretion of Sweet Potato Pie. All toys, accessories, and furniture must be clean and wiped down, in good, working condition with no missing items or pieces. NEW BATTERIES MUST BE INCLUDED in any battery operated item being submitted for consignment or a battery fee of $5 (five dollars) may be deducted from the total sale price. Our goal is to provide high quality items for our customers, which is the basis for our selection guidelines.
  2. Pricing and Terms of Payment. SPP has the right to establish the selling price of your item(s). Prices are arrived at through a number of factors including such things as: label, condition, market retail value and conditions. SPP reserves the right to mark prices down at any time during the consignment period without prior notice to the consignor. We do not purchase outright. You will accrue money on your account as your items sell. You may elect to change between CASH and STORE credit, however it will be on a go forward basis, meaning your the change will not take place until your next offering of consignment.
    1. If you elect CASH you will receive 40% of the selling price (issued via check). One check will be issued per month which you may pick up at the store. If, for any reason, you need to have one of our checks replaced (lost, stolen), once it is determined that the check has not been cashed we will place a “stop payment” on the check. The banks fee will be deducted from your account and we will write you a check for the remaining balance.
    2. If you elect to STORE CREDIT you will receive 50% of your item’s selling price for in-store credit. Store credit is good towards all clothing and consignment items in the store.
  3. Sales. Consignments are by appointment and you are limited to one visit per week. No more than twenty (20) items will be accepted per visit. A “drop and run” option is available for regular consignors who have been through the appointment process and have been notified they may change to this status.  For a “Drop and run” is limited to clothing items ONLY.  Just drop twenty clothing items and SPP will select items our customers will be interested in. YOU MAY NOT DROP BABY GEAR, BEDDING, FURNITURE, TOYS, ETC. THESE ITEMS STILL REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT DUE TO NECESSARY RECALL CHECKS. Each clothing and accessories consignment period is for eight (8) weeks. Furniture, stroller and larger size toy consignment period will be for twelve (12) weeks. If you wish to take back any unsold items you may do so at any time prior to the end of the eight (8) week period. Please provide two days notice of your intention to pick up so your items may be collected off the racks prior to your arrival. At the end of the eight (8) week period any unsold item(s) not picked up within seven (7) days become the property of SPP.
  4. Liability. SPP will do our best to safeguard your items, but will not be responsible for loss of or damage to consigned items for any reason, including but not limited to fire, flood, theft, shoplifting, accident or other cause.
  5. Miscellaneous: If it is determined that your item was RECALLED you will be called once to notify you of recall. Item will be discarded if not picked up within five (5) business days after notification. If the item is oversized and SPP incurs a fee for removal, your account will be charged the removal fee amount.

Click here to find out about recall information from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission